Flexible Cables

Guangming flexible cables are one of the best flex cables in the market, providing millions of top-notch cable solutions to all our client’s project applications. From our wide variety of types to our series of offered application benefits and to its high-end properties, Guangming cable commits to strive more in sustaining and innovating more of it.

Types of Flexible Cables

Ship to Shore Cable​

Ship to Shore Cable

Ship to shore cables are electrical transmission cables used to move electricity from the cargo vessel toward the coast. It has a strong resistance against water, acid, heat, flame, moisture, and grease because of its compact and robust protective layering on its outer surface.

Drum Reeling Cable

Reeling Cables are widely utilized in different sectors, which include electrical, construction, wiring and cables, and plant sectors.This type of cable is constructed with a heavy-duty layer jacket, can withstand extreme surrounding conditions, and is suitable for most harsh operations.



EPR CSP cables are widely utilized in industrial and electrical sectors, they have various variations to best suit these segments. Being resistant to certain conditions, it can sustain electrical power flow without disturbance and without creating any electrical circuit problems. It is flexible and has excellent torsion resistance, making it the most sought-after in the market.

Lift Trailing Cable

Lift trailing cables are heavy-duty electrical power cable lines that allow the undisturbed flow of voltage even under extreme conditions and extensive operating sites and apparatus. This is mainly utilized as elevator tools, in dragging machines, such as lift parts or lift spare parts, excavators, and in the biggest-heavest equipment that needs moving.

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We are Leading Flexible Cables Manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of cable and wire with significant experience in the cable industry, Guangming offers high-performing cable products for all projects.

With advance manufacture technology, an effective management system, and rich human resource, we guarantee all products manufactured are strictly under international standards.

Cost Efficient

Tight-stranded cable cores are left for most center layers and are encased in a tube-shaped jacket. Core insulation is foiled or fleece in shielded cables and is less expensive to produce.


These Guangming cables are designed to meet the exact needs of the job and are reliable for performance. The materials used also meet the standards and work well in any environment.

Light Weight

When you are using flex cables, the wire weight decreases. Our cables can be made with minimum materials for efficient performance. A cross-section is reduced to the minimum required for compactness.

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Properties of Flexible Cables

Flexible Guangming cables are distinguished by their high flex life, which ensures that repetitive and regular bending will not impede the cable’s performance. This guarantees that you will have a dependable power source and electrical data transfer for your machinery. If you require a cable subject to constant motion, a Guangming cable with high flex life is ideal.

Applications of Flexible Cables

Numerous applications rely on Guangming flexible cable to endure the intense pressure of flexing and motion. A few examples are applications with repetitive bending and torsion stress, drag chain applications, and more.

Machine Tools

Machine Tools

Drum reeling-1

Drum reeling

Data Processing Equipment

Data Processing Equipment

Festoon System

Festoon System

Ship to shore power connection

Ship to shore power connection

Assembly Lines

Assembly Lines

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flexible electrical cables, called “continuous-flex” cables, are specially designed to tolerate the narrow bending radius and physical strain associated with moving applications, including inside cable carriers.

Cable flexing actions often fall into one of four categories. These consist of torsional flex, rolling flex, bending flex or “tic-toc,” and variable/random motion flex. The purpose of these cables is for repeated motions. There are other cables with flexibility for applications that are typically stationary.

A flexible cable or cord comprises a bunch of thin wires that are twisted or connected. It’s a special kind of electrical wiring.

Flexible cables electrical are most commonly used in connection with household appliances. This type of wiring offers a high degree of flexibility, and when employed in a domestic setting, the probability of the wiring being subjected to the stresses necessary to cause damage is relatively low.