Reeling Cable

  • Approvals: EAC, RoHS, and CE Approvals
  • Rating Voltage: 500 Volts and 2000 Volts
  • Standards:  IEC: 60332-1-2
  • Features: Halogen Retardant; Lightweight; High Protective Coating; Extensive Strength (Wind and Unwind Function); Chemical Resistant

Types of Reeling Cable

Heavy Duty Reeling Cables

Heavy Duty Reeling Cables

This type of cable is constructed with a heavy-duty layer jacket, can withstand extreme surrounding conditions, and is suitable for most harsh operations.

Crane Reeling Cables

Crane Reeling Cables

With this cable, a sufficient supply of electrical power for cranes and other heavy-duty types of machinery is highly sustained.

Portable Conductor Reeling Cables

Portable Reeling Cables

These cables are known for being flexible and extra as they have the ability to withstand extreme and extensive conditions while conducting high electrical power in different applications.

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Applications of Reeling Cables

Guangming’s quality-graded reeling cables are highly produced by critical manufacturing processes to cater to large segments of electrical and construction industries.

We have secured the position of being the top leading cable producer on the market because of many large companies utilizing our product. These are the following applications:

Construction Sites

Many construction sites have utilized the power of reeling cables in their operating sites in order to move large types of equipment and machinery without cutting the electrical power line.


This type of cable is widely used by steel mills, lumber mills, and jet mills, with the highest performance and integrity of the whole electrical power circuitry.

Mining Operation

With its high resistance to extreme conditions, this type of cable can be used in mining operations with its ability to deliver electrical power safely and securely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reeling cables are those wirings that can allow electricity to flow freely from the source, which is attached to the junction box. They are widely used in electrical and power operating sites, delivering the highest-performing conduction of voltage in every application. Making the work of operating sites that require electrical supply easier and more convenient.

A cable reel’s function is to wind up and unwind wiring cables from its junction box. The working principle of cable reeling drum is critically processed since it is frequently used by engineering, building, and design companies to run their cable wiring work processes more effectively. This moderately sized-movable equipment aids in transferring and aligning cable wire for the conduction of electrical power.

The different types of cable reels depend on the material used in their composition and their application. Some types with regards to the material used in its manufacture are wood, steel, and plastic. On the other hand, there are also cable reels called as portable, storage, and live.

Cable drums and cable reels are sometimes used interchangeably. These two are both used to transfer and move cables from one place to another. However, some cable industries imply that cable drums are widely used in heavy-duty operation since it is a bigger winder and unwinder of cable, while the cable reel is somewhat used in lightweight activity because it is smaller in size.