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Guangming cable provides all types and models of IEC 60092 marine shipboard cables. Offering cost-effective cables to your desired specifications. Our cables are approved by ABS, BV, LR, DNV, CCS, NK, KR, RINA, RS.

Types of Marine Shipboard Cable

XLPE Marine Electrical Cable

XLPE Marine Electrical Cable

XLPE marine electrical cable designs can stand in both high and low temperatures, resistance to humidity, mud, saltwater, oil, and more. This marine electrical cable is mostly applicable in shipboard operational environments.

EPR Marine Power Cable

EPR marine electrical cable is insulated by ethylene propylene rubber. It is designed for power supply up to 18/30kV on shipboard. Marine electrical cable types include CEFR/SA, CEPF96/SC. All types are flame retardant cables.

Shipboard VFD Cable

Shipboard VFD cable has the outstanding electromagnetic compatibility. It is designed to carry power from AC drive systems to AC motors. It is also able to achieve and maintain high performance in harsh conditions.

Armored Shipboard Cable

An armored shipboard cable that is coated in an extra protective armor made of copper wire braid or steel wire braid is called an Armored shipboard cable. It can be used for power supply and data transmission on marine shipboard and offshore units.

Marine Approved LAN Cable

It is designed for data transmission, communication, and network for marine and offshore purposes. It must be low smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant and meet the high maritime standards. It is produced by low smoke zero halogen SHF1 sheath.

Marine Flexible Wire

The requirements for marine flexible wires were created in response to worries about flammability, smoke, and toxicity and are intended to provide additional safety precautions for the equipment and people on board ships and vessels.

Marine Fire-resistant Cable

Marine fire-resistant cable is manufactured to IEC 60331, ideal for fixed installations in an application such as open decked areas, permanent wiring in ships. Other uses include fixed wiring in ships such as safety and emergency lighting, shut down systems, communication systems, and alarms.

LSZH Shipboard Cable

LSZH shipboard cables do not release poisonous fumes when they come into touch with fire. Additionally, they are produced with no materials releasing significant amounts of harmful vapors. This specification covers lines for power, communication, control, lighting, electronics, instrumentation, and particular purposes.

Marine Coaxial Cable

Marine coaxial cable is radio frequency cables with low smoke and high frequency that can be used on ships and vessels. They're flexible and resistant to abrasion. Plus, they have low smoke and no halogen, so they're very durable and soft in toxicity. It includes RG58, RG59, RG6, RG11, RG214, and etc.

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About Us

We are Leading Marine Shipboard Cable Manufacturer in China

As a leading marine shipboard cable manufacturer in China, Guangming cable provides marine certified shipboard cables under certification of IEC 60092 standards.

Guaranteeing the highest possible level of manufacturing quality. All of our marine shipboard cables are marine approved by ABS, BV, LR, DNV, CCS, RINA, NK, KR and RS.

Flame Retardant

To ensure the safety of the ship, its equipment, and its crew, Guangming shipboard cables are produced to meet IEC 60032-3-22.


Class 5 copper wire conductor is available for all marine cables. It can make the cable more flexble for installation.

Low Smoke

Guangming cables have been tested in accordance with the standard IEC 61034-2.

Halogen Free

Guangming cables are also tested in accordance with IEC 60754 series standards.

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Structure of Marine Cable

Guangming marine shipboard cables have been specially designed to function under marine challenging circumstances in hostile conditions. As a result, it has the following structures:

Applications of Marine Shipboard Cable

Marine shipboard cables are cable wires used in different parts on shipboards. These cables are particularly used in communication gears, control systems, sensors, and power transmission.
onboard communication systems


Several onboard communication systems rely on shipboard cables.

control systems of modern ships

Management Systems

Shipboard cables are crucial for strengthening the control systems of modern ships as they become increasingly automated.

instrumentation tools


Marine shipboard cables are used in various instrumentation tools, like sensors, that constantly inform the crew of the vessel's status.



Cables on board a ship assists in retaining and transmitting power to the ship's essential equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Marine cable is made with annealed, stranded copper that’s flexible and tinned, so it’s easy to handle. They use sector-shaped conductors for larger cross-sections to keep the cable diameter as small as possible and weight as low as possible.

  • Conductor: Tinned Copper Wire, class 2 or class 5
  • Mica tape for fire resistant cable
  • Insulation: EPR or XLPE
  • Inner Covering: Polyester / Halogen free compound
  • Armor: GSWB or TCWB
  • Sheath: PO (SHF1/SHF2)

The IEC 60092, JIS C 3410, NEK 606, DIN 85158,159,160, IEEE 1580 are the main standards for marine cable.