XLPE Marine Electrical Cable

  • Rating Voltage: 0.6/1kV – 18/30kV
  • Standards:  IEC 60092-353 and 354
  • Max Operating Temperature: 90 ° C
  • Features: Low Smoke, Flame Retardant, Fire Resistant, Halogen Free


The insulation of marine electrical cables is XLPE, typically used for large equipment and cargo like ships. Because of its safe and excellent properties, this can be used for other sectors like mining and plumbing segments. It can withstand any kind of severe weather factors like extreme rain, high temperatures due to heat, chemical leaks, typhoons, and the like. It is a durable and high-insulated material; thus, it can be used in marine offshore and onshore.

CJ86/SC Cable

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CJPF96/SC Cable ( FA-TPYCY )

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About Us

We Are Leading Marine Electrical Cable Manufacturer In China

XLPE marine electrical cables or cross-linked polyethylene marine cables are high-powered materials that can withstand various conditions. This cable is used to transfer and transmit a voltage of power energy and electricity. Because of its highly resistant component properties, it can serve as a protective line for power against extensive heat, chemicals, weather, and low temperatures.

Guangming produces high-quality marine electrical cables that are in accordance with IEC 60092 standards. Our product is a hundred percent hazardous-free and can be used for a wide range of shipboard applications. With our firm, we ensure to provide you with the best functional and high-grade products.

Resistance to Extreme Conditions

Thanks to the intervention of our upgraded technology and exquisite process, our XLPE cable has high resistance to electric voltage, water, chemical, and temperature and can now cater to various sections.

Cost-Effective Price Value

Unlike other cable components, XLPE insulated power cable is affordable, worthwhile, and can be used as an alternative to different cable wiring because of their excellent properties and characteristics.


Even though it is a heavy-duty material that can be used in the most challenging installation places, it is lightweight, unlike other electric cable types.

Cable Features

Guangming’s XLPE cable insulation provides different properties that can withstand any kind of power voltage. The cable parameter of XLPE marine electrical cable is the conductor material used in its construction, which is copper; the construction of cross-linked polyethylene itself; the stranded copper; and the insulated components.

Together, they determine the electrical voltage power capacity of the XLPE marine cable, which is 0.6/1kV to 18/30kV. Copper and cross-linked build up electrical power resistance, while having stranded copper builds up insulation and fire resistance. They can withstand temperatures up to 90° C. These parameters serve as guarding components for XLPE to withstand any conditions like marine, offshore, oil & gas, chemicals, and such.

Cable Construction

  • Conductor: Stranded Copper, IEC 60228, CL.2 or CL.5
  • Insulation: XLPE 90° C, IEC 60092-360
  • Inner Covering: PolyesterTape or Compound
  • Armor:Steel Wire Braid or Copper Wire Braid
  • Sheath:Halogen-free Compound, IEC 60092-360

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Frequently Asked Questions

An XLPE cable specification is cross-linked polyethylene designed to resist extreme temperatures and weather conditions like high and low temperatures, chemicals, typhoons, extreme rain, etc.

This power cable is designed in accordance with the Standard: IEC 60092-353 and 354. They are specifically created and layout to use on marine and offshore.

Between the XLPE cable and PVC cable, XLPE has high resistance to extreme conditions because of its properties, like a highly insulated material and crossed-link. It resists high voltage, high and low temperature, and chemicals. On the other hand, PVC has a shorter XLPE insulated duration and contains chloride, which harms the environment.