NEK 606 Offshore Cable

Guangming is a top-notch NEK 606 offshore cable manufacturer in the global Oil & Gas sector. We offer a vast selection of oil & gas cabling solutions for everything from power and control to instrumentation and fiber optics. We ensure our offshore cables are of the highest quality and provide premium solutions for all offshore applications.

Types of Offshore Cable

Offshore Power Cable

Offshore power cables provide electricity to mechanical and electrical equipment, including emergency and life-support systems like power and lighting. Cable types include BFOU, RFOU.

instrumentation cable

Offshore Instrumentation Cable

The intended applications for instrumentation cables are instrumentation and communication systems on offshore platforms. Types include RFOU(c), RFOU(i), BFOU(i), BFOU(c).

Offshore Earth Cable

For fixed installations up to 0.6/1kV, Guangming earthing cable P15 UX suits the earth wire for offshore oil and gas drilling. The cable is green/yellow for bonding and earthing purposes.

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About Us

We are Leading Offshore Cable Manufacturer

Guangming Cable, the industry’s top producer of NEK 606 cables, complies with IEC 60092, NEK 606 standards. Our NEK offshore cables have been designed with performance requirements, environmental problems, and installation considerations.


The classification organizations ABS, BV, CCS, NK, KR, LR, DNV-GL, RINA, and RS have granted type certification to Guangming IEC 60092 marine cable. And NEK 606 cable is ABS & CCS certified.

Field Expert Team

With more than a few years of experience in the cable industry, Guangming cable can guarantee to handle your projects efficiently. Any questions you have will be addressed within one working day, and you'll receive a response within three days.

High Quality

All of our offshore cables are built to withstand the challenging conditions found offshore. Guangming ensures that the wires are perfect for use on oil rigs and capable of withstanding any severe adversities, including dirt, salt, and cold.

Fast Delivery

Marine, ship, and offshore cables are readily available in Guangming.Ex-stock cables may require a 3-day wait, whereas custom marine offshore cables usually require a 20-working-day lead time.

After Sale Service

Guangming cable is a specialist in offering top-notch offshore cables and top-notch services. We will address any of your offshore cable-related issues right away. Within three working days, solutions will be provided.

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Properties of Offshore Cable

Guangming cables are all engineered with innovative ideas from our in-house expert engineers. Our offshore cable products must feature SHF2-rated sheathing that is mud-resistant, thermosetting halogen-free, and more to meet the NEK 606 requirement.

Applications of NEK 606 Offshore Cable

Guangming offshore cables are commonly installed on offshore oil and gas platforms. Below are some of the applications where it is extensively used.

lighting and power

Lighting and Power

Variable Frequency Drives System

Variable Frequency Drives System



Control Systems

Control Systems





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Frequently Asked Questions

Offshore power cables transfer power from one offshore unit to another. They come in different voltage levels, like high, medium, and low. Many offshore power cables exist, like BFOU, RFOU, RU, BU, RFCU, BFCU, and TFOU. All of them are halogen-free, smoke-free, and have flame-retardant properties. You can also get fire-resistant or mud-resistant ones.

Offshore power cables RFOU and BFOU are produced in line with NEK TS 606:2016. However, RFOU cable is a flame-retardant cable, while BFOU cable is a fire-resistant cable with a fire-proof coating of mica tape.

A form of flame-resistant offshore power wire is called RFOU. It burns slowly and out because it is manufactured with additives that make it resistant to fire. It can lighten permanent installations and power and regulate offshore units or ships. Your offshore power cable must undergo various tests to be sure it complies with IEC regulations.

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