BFOU Cable

  • Rating Voltage: 0.6/1kV
  • Certificate: ABS
  • Standards: NEK TS 606, IEC 60331, IEC 60332-3-22, IEC 61034, IEC 60754
  • Temperature Limits: 90°C
  • Features:  Flame Retardant, Fire and Mud Resistant, Halogen Free Low Smoke 

BFOU Cable Application

Cruise Ships

Cruise Ships

Water pumps

Water pumps

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Bulk Carriers cable

Bulk Carriers

Offshore Platform

Offshore Platform

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Description of BFOU Cable

The BFOU cable meaning is the composition of halogen-free materials, which includes “tape” covering the conductor with high fire resistance capacity, the “inner cover”, the “braided and stranded tinned copper wirings”, and the outer “thermoset-mud-resistant” layer. This type of cable is utilized in offshore installation because of its ability to withstand offshore conditions: water, grease, and mud while sufficiently supplying electrical power to various mechanical locations.

With years of experience and profound knowledge, Guangming cable offers the best and top-notch BFOU cable specification products that are inclined to electrical cable standards. With our newest technology and production facilities, you can access and see for yourself the best quality product we produce with our BFOU cable data sheets.

Resistance to Flames, Mud, and Extreme Conditions

Our BFOU cables have high resistance and can withstand different extreme marine offshore conditions, such as fire, heat, mud, and oils, with our best-manufactured components and critical production process.


Guangming cable is an ABS certified BFOU cable manufacturer that offers one hundred percent halogen-free, catering to a large proportion of mechanical, marine, and industrial sectors with the best, safe, and secured high-powered electrical distribution.

High Electrical Properties

With its top-most composition materials, our cable can be used for different applications in extreme conditions with the assurance to perfectly function in the distribution of large amounts of electrical voltage.

Cable Features

Guangming’s BFOU cable is one the best power cables on the market, catering to various industrial and electrical sectors. It has a tinned copper conductor and tape that is highly made to withstand fire and extreme cold situations, resisting temperatures of -40° C to over 90° C. It also has an inner covering to sustain the distribution and high conduction of electrical power in the whole mechanical system, even under weather and water conditions, with an electrical capacity of 0.6/1kV.
Its flexibility makes it possible for broad sectors to easily install and use the BFOU cable in different requiring installations. These materials used in its construction are all halogen-free, making it more secure and safer for different uses and preventing the threat of starting a fire. Any chemical leak, temperature, heat, and extreme cold, even submerged in the water, can be strongly resisted by this type of cable.

Cable Construction

  • BFOU Cable’s Conductor: Stranded Tinned Wired Copper, in accordance with IEC 60228
  • BFOU Cable’s Insulation: Fire-resistant MICA Glass tape + EPR
  • BFOU Cable’s Inner Cover: Halogen-free compound
  • BFOU Cable’s Armoring: Tinned copper wire braid
  • BFOU Cable’s Outer Sheath: Halogen-free thermoset-mud-resistant compound

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Frequently Asked Questions

The BFOU cable is a typical type of offshore power cable that is widely used in a vast range of applications like lighting, control systems, electrically high-powered systems. It has a very distinctive characteristic which is the fire-resistant function. Other than this, it is also flame and mud-retardant and composed of halogen-free materials.

RFOU and BFOU cables are electrical cables both used in offshore installation, may they be dry or submerged in water conditions. They were both created in accordance with the IEC 60092-353 and NEK 606 standards.

These two cables are both widely utilized in electrical sectors but made in different standard conditions. RFOU cable is flame retardant cable according to IEC 60332-3-22. On the other hand, the BFOU cables is fire resistant cable according to IEC 60331. It has MICA glass tape that can withstand fire conditions, making them safer and more secure cable.

The complete form of BFOU is wholly made of stranded tinned copper conductor, Mica-tape plus EPR insulation and halogen-free inner and outer sheaths. This can be used in different installations and applications for wiring circuitry on offshore platform.

In BFOU cables, P105 is the fire-resistant standard that any BFOU manufacturer adheres to. Cables with NEK 606 P105 standards can be used and installed in heavy-duty electrical operations like control systems, lighting, alarm, power, and places with extreme cold and hot conditions.